Let’s Just Upset Both Political Sides In One Swift Shot!

This is just funny as hell! I am not an overly political person. I will tell you now that I DID NOT vote for Obama in EITHER election. Oh wait, neither did anyone else, because he magically elected himself twice with no one voting for him.. lol.. yeah right..

Seriously, I am very for Gun rights, because if I wasn’t I think Cornelius would probably beat me. He is a licensed concealed carrying kind of guy after all! I am not gay or bi, but I say live and let live. If it makes they happy and they aren’t hurting anyone then what does it matter? “And it harm none, do what you will” after all! Everyone should be able to defend their homes. The marijuana plants… I could do without being legal. I hate the smell and cigarettes are bad enough on my lungs. I have bad asthma and they make it hard to breathe. Now, if people were solely smoking in their homes and not in public, then do whatever floats your boat!