Practicing Wicca as a Solitary

Practicing Wicca as a Solitary.

This is blog post has some awesome points. I am an eclectic solitary wiccan and I love it. I do love learning about the various traditions and I try to find out what works for me personally and what feels right in my heart and soul. If it doesn’t feel right, then I simply do not do it. I love the freedom that I have being a solitary eclectic wiccan. I can worship when, where, and how I want. It is a great freedom and a great responsibility, because no one will call me out for slipping off the path.I love that I can make my wiccan spells and my wiccan rituals customized to my personal preferences without regard to a set of rules and standards that you find in a lot of the covens and different traditions. Wiccans, and Pagans in general, are meant to be free to worship as they feel led as nature intended. Follow The Lord and Lady and you will never go wrong in your personal spiritual path.

What kind of wicca or pagan tradition do you follow? What speaks to you the most about that path? I would love to hear from you all!