The Best Revenge is Always Happiness!

I had a horrible first marriage. I am finally legally divorced. I did not think that I would ever get it done. It took 2 years to get done. I guess that is what happens when he decides that the trip to Florida for court wasn’t worth his time. Then he moves in the new girlfriend.. who is… wait for it… yes, she is my sister! Yeah, seriously. Well she is so mad because the child support that he was paying that he pushes him to get the divorce done and over with so that it will be the court decided child support. Well, it is the same amount of money with half being child support and half being alimony. I love the way it turned out in the end, but it was a long long process.

He ends up breaking up with my sister to date my cousin instead. So he now has another woman living off of him and he is supporting her and her child. I would not have cared at all except for the lack of care and acknowledgment that he was giving our own kids. He is now single again and trying to fix what he broke again. The whole time I have been with my love, Cornelius. Now, I am planning a wedding, in the distant future, and he is miserable and hating every second of it and trying to talk me out of being happy. I am really? I was unhappy for years, so isn’t it time for a little happiness in my life?