Guide to Natural Healing – Aromatherapy – Part 1

Any stress relief is an awesome deal!




We’re all stressed. As humans, we learn to cope and adhere to our everyday lives. We have duties, responsibilities and tasks to fulfil each day. We have adapted to our environment so well that we forget to take a moment out for ourselves. A moment to heal our mind and body from our everyday stresses.

Natural healing has been around for decades. Traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, acupuncture, massage and natural healing remedies are all a guide to treating the inner self and finding spiritual healing. There are numerous therapies used in the natural healing of the mind and body. Herbal medicine is widely known for its safety and natural efficacy to many cultures. Whereas chemically developed medicines are produced to cure an illness, herbal medicines are developed to treat the root of the illness. The section of Aromatherapy (natural remedies) in natural healing is extremely complex, however the main elements…

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