Paganism is about…

Paganism is about keeping balance with Nature.

When you say to someone that your Pagan they have a little smirk like that means your a bit eccentric or a bit of an oddball. I just want everyone to know the truth. That Paganism is where human history started, it is through Pagan Civilizations that we get language, architecture, writing, the calendar, tools. The days of the week. The planets and most constellations are named after Pagan Gods. Some of the biggest and most famous monuments in the world are Pagan such as the State of Liberty, which is a statue of the Roman Goddess Libertas. The Washington Monument is on obelisk, which was ancient Egyptian statue to worship the Sun Gods, there is even one erected in the center of the Vatican City. Religion was invented by Pagans, all modern day religions have deep roots in the pagan religions of old. I want to change peoples view so when you say your Pagan, you get respect and not a cooky look. I think people should know the truth about their heritage and what the newer One God religions are trying to repress. The female, feminine, and the Goddess has been covered up for too long, it is time to let her breath again. The world is out of balance there is too much war and hate, we need to restore the balance of everything.


This is so true. I am pagan and an active wiccan. If I don’t tell you that flat out, then you would never know. I was once a minister in a church before I found the missing parts of me. I was always lost and looking for more. I found myself in church 6 days a week and I still was searching. The point is that I look the same now, as I did when I worked in the church office and ran different ministries. The biggest change is that I changed the cross around my neck for a pentacle. And allow me to say that the pentacle fits so much better and it doesn’t feel like it is gonna strangle me. I love being pagan. I love the freedom to truly be me. We all come from the same roots and our beliefs are not all that different either. People need to realize that most mainstream religions use candles on their Christian altar don’t they? They purify, or dare I say it, cleanse their altars with incense. Where do they think that their traditions come from. They go to church on Sunday to honor a Pagan Sun God. That is always my favorite to ask someone, usually right after they ask me something truly stupid and insulting like do I worship the devil or summon demons. I really, if you are gonna judge me then at least know the basics of my belief system.


Just my rambling thoughts..




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  1. It’s enough to have a belief system. Your’s being the oldest and longest survived says something of the strength of it and also of the connection to the human mind and spirit. I have always said it isn’t important if something is a provable fact as long as you BELIEVE, it’s true enough.


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