Today’s Reading: Dealing with Internet Overload

The Muse's Darling

Good morning, my dears! I hope everyone is doing well today. With all the horrible, terrible, awful news in the world happening right now, just being happy seems like a revolutionary act. With that in mind, today’s reading is about how to deal with information and far-flung disaster overload: what to do about it in an active sense, and what to release because it’s out of our control. Let’s have a look.

earth shattering kaboom

Oh wait… No, that’s not it (no matter how much we want to deliver an Earth-shattering kaboom to some people). 😉

Ah! here we go:

cards 7-24-14

On the left (you’ll see I’m using The Light and Shadow Tarot here) we have the 9 of Pentacles on the side of what we can do actively to protect ourselves against Internet overload. This is a card of great discernment and choice, and of celebration in knowing that you are creating the best…

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