A funeral for Summer, or how I celebrated Lughnasadh

It’s time to celebrate the end of one season of life and the new beginnings of another. Life flows through the cycles of the seasons. It flows from birth to death to rebirth again. This is a great reminder to us that just because something ends in this world, does not make it the end of all things. Life will move on. Life will change like the seasons do.

Blessed Be!


Hag o' The Hills

ida-rentoul-outhwaite-illustrator “The Little Witch” from Elves & Fairies by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (1916)

I’m not a big fan of summer time, mostly because I get really tired and irritable in hot weather and I’m pasty white and burn easily. I need a constant cool breeze with my sunshine and a glass of Malibu and lemonade to go along with that thank you.

Scotland is known by most to be a dreich country, but we do get some lovely summer weather too. This season we’ve had an abundance of sunshine and a lack of rainfall but I know that’s all about to change when Autumn rolls in. The air will become crisp, there will be a scent of spice and wood smoke on the breeze, green will turn to russet, gold and copper. Then will come the early morning and evening mists and I will feel the sense of anticipation and excitement…

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