Stop worrying and start doing already!


Stop worrying about what might be….
Get busy creating what will be….

There is a world out there just waiting for us to seize the moment. Go for it! If you don’t start creating a life for yourself, then don’t blame others for whale you are and what you don’t have in life.


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Prayer to the horned one.


He will call you out,
Make you sweat,
Give you a blessing that
You’ll never forget
So revel in the chase and let your heart beat run:
Blessed are the children of the Horned One!

~We Sisters Three

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We search for life everywhere, but here.


We search for life on other planets and in other regions of our galaxy. Meanwhile, we destroy and ignore the other life on this planet.

This is a sad but true fact. Why do we search for more when we ignore the beauty before us? Do we really think that we will care for whatever we discover any better than we care for what we have? No we won’t.  But it will be exciting though. It’s the thrill of the unknown and not actually the discovery that we are after as a society.  We need to care for what we have before taking on the unknown.


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Religion is like a Penis!


Religion is like a Penis!
It’s a perfectly fine thing for one to have and take pride in, but when one takes it out and waves it in my face…. We have a problem!

It’s an even bigger problem when the religion isn’t even my own. Or worse, when it is my own and they want to compare them like we are boys in the bathroom!

Religion is different for everyone. Just because you don’t practice my form of Wicca, doesn’t make yours any less Wiccan. The same is true in reverse. There is no one true right and only way… that belongs in another religious dogma altogether.

So remember…. religion is like a Penis and it’s easy to treat it like one!  So let’s make an effort to not treat our religion like that!

Blessed Be!

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A funeral for Summer, or how I celebrated Lughnasadh

It’s time to celebrate the end of one season of life and the new beginnings of another. Life flows through the cycles of the seasons. It flows from birth to death to rebirth again. This is a great reminder to us that just because something ends in this world, does not make it the end of all things. Life will move on. Life will change like the seasons do.

Blessed Be!


Hag o' The Hills

ida-rentoul-outhwaite-illustrator “The Little Witch” from Elves & Fairies by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite (1916)

I’m not a big fan of summer time, mostly because I get really tired and irritable in hot weather and I’m pasty white and burn easily. I need a constant cool breeze with my sunshine and a glass of Malibu and lemonade to go along with that thank you.

Scotland is known by most to be a dreich country, but we do get some lovely summer weather too. This season we’ve had an abundance of sunshine and a lack of rainfall but I know that’s all about to change when Autumn rolls in. The air will become crisp, there will be a scent of spice and wood smoke on the breeze, green will turn to russet, gold and copper. Then will come the early morning and evening mists and I will feel the sense of anticipation and excitement…

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Today’s reading

I love a good tarot reading. I recently got my first deck and I’ve got a lot to learn obviously still!

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess


Six of Cups

Affection and love in a situation that may have taken time to resolve. Recognition of ancestral or reincarnated memory. Polaric love

The source of the waters of memory and deep love.

Reunion with an old friend, soulmate or a wise part of oneself. A feeling of inner peace.

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Intuition is your best friend


Intuition is your best friend
Nurture it
Develop it
Embrace it
Listen to it
Trust it

Intuition is a part of everyone.  The question is how important is your intuition to you. What do you get out of your intuition? Do you listen to your little voices? Or do you treat them like annoying little buzzing flies in your head?

Ignoring those little voices can get you in so so much trouble. You have it for a reason. It is meant to guide us in our lives. 


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